Stoke Level

Stoke Level Description

Description Game: Stoke Level let's you debrief information from the Flysight data logger for skydiving on the go.
Review your track against a GPS map of the dropzone, look closely at your vertical and horizontal speeds for the whole skydive, or check your max vertical and rollout speeds at a glance.

We've got wingsuiters covered too.
Automatic scoring for PPC of your run, as well as flare detection for anyone taking a stab at the record! Plus you can objectively figure out how far from the dropzone you landed.
Stoke Level can also score speed skydives according to the ISSA rules.

Load data directly from an attached Flysight using an Apple Camera Adapter, or load archived data from any of the storage options supported in the Files app! No longer will you be stuck debriefing on the ground, review your data on the ride to altitude and make the most of your time at the DZ.